Get Your FREE Mezuzah!

(with a fully refundable deposit)

Mezuzah 2Chabad of SMC is pleased to offer a Mezuzah on loan to any Jewish student who needs one for their dorm room or apt. - for a fully refundable $36 deposit.

(We also have Mezuzot for purchase for $36) 

Mezuzah is a parchment scroll that has been hand-written by a professional scribe in accordance with Jewish law. Every Mezuzah, no matter how simple or elaborate the case may be, contains two sections of Torah central to the Jewish faith, namely two paragraphs of the Shema ("Hear O Israel, the L-rd is our G‑d, the L-rd is one.")  It is traditionally attached to every doorpost in a Jewish home.  Maimonides writes that the Mezuzah reminds us of the presence and the Unity of G‑d, inspiring us to remember and love G‑d and follow His path.  A 'Kosher' Mezuzah also brings protection and blessing - whether you are home or away. Ancient tradition teaches that this small Mitzvah brings blessing and serenity to your home. A person introduces holiness and harmony into the world by placing a Mezuzah on his or her door.

How do I get my very own Mezuzah? 
Simple!  Just contact us at [email protected], then, we'll arrange a pickup time, or send it over to you. We could also help you to put up the Mezuzah the correct way.