Holiday Programs

If you are interested in more information about any of the following programs please email us at [email protected]

Rosh HashanaRosh Hashana (small)

  • Apple , honey, & honeycake handout
  • Prayer services
  • Holiday meals
  • Shofar blowing
  • Tashlich - Traditional service by a river, lake or any body of water

Yom KippurMachzor (medium)

  • Kapparot
  • Pre fast meal
  • Prayer Services
  • Break fast meal

Sukkosnew folder 163.jpg

  • Sukka on campus
  • Holiday meals
  • Daily blessing and shaking of the Lulav & Esrog
  • Prayer services
  • Sukka mobile
  • Sukkos party on campus
  • BBQ in the Sukkah

Simchas TorahMany Chassidim Dancing

  • All night long "Dancing with the Torah" party
  • Holiday meals
  • Prayer services

Chanukahmenorahs 001.jpg

  • Menorah handouts for students
  • Daily Menorah lighting on campus
  • Pre Chanukah party on campus
  • Daily mini Chanukah party at lighting on campus
  • Menorah Mobile


  • Huge Purim party
  • Shalach Manos handouts for students
  • Meggilah reading on campus
  • Traditional Purim feast


  • Shmurah Matzah handouts for studentsMatzah and Wine
  • Selling of the Chametz
  • Free Seder both nights of Pesach
  • Prayer services
  • Holiday meals
  • Traditional end of Pesach "Feast of Moshiach"

ShavuosIce Cream Party

  • First night "All night learning"
  • Holiday meals
  • Reading the Ten Commandments
  • Ice cream party
  • Prayer services