Torah on the Line has something for everyone. From the advanced student to the novice, senior citizen to youngster. Just dial the appropriate lesson for a stimulating and inspiring learning experience. Our computerized system enables every caller to fully control lessons. The virtual classroom opens when you call. You can rewind to review, fast-forward, or pause, according to your desire and need.
To Get Connected, Call:
310.453.4774 (24 hours)
Special Telephone Keypad Features:
In the MENUS
press the STAR KEY (*) for Help
To REWIND the lessons…
press the 1 key to rewind 30 SECONDS
4 for 1 MINUTES or 7 for 5 MINUTES
press the 3 key to advance 30 SECONDS
6 for 1 MINUTES or 9 for 5 MINUTES
To make the lesson go faster, press the # key
To go slower, press the * key
For the previous lesson, press 2
For the next lesson, press 8
To finish, press 0.
Always Free Always on Call
No Computer Ever Needed