Chabad currently has visitations to over 25 convalescent homes in the S. Monica area. We offer the following holiday programs for the patients:

  • Blowing of the Shofar on both days of Rosh Hashanah (excluding Shabbat.)
  • Blessing on the Lulav & Esrog on Sukkos
  • Making a blessing in our "Sukkah Mobile"
  • Daily lighting of the Menorah on Chanukah
  • Chanukah party for each convalescent home
  • Chanukah cards for all Jewish patients
  • Shalach Manos (present of holiday foods) on Purim
  • Meggilah reading at select locations
  • Model Seder for Pesach at select locations

In addition we visit select homes before Shabbat for the traditional Candle Lighting for the women, and personal visits through the week for men to don Teffilin.

If you know of any resident/patient who needs a visit please contact us at 310-453-3011 or email at [email protected]

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